Next Level Customer Engagement

Fraxtion is a high-tech in-store concierge which communicates your services, products, and promotions to consumers. Utilize the features of Fraxtion to attract and urge visitors to engage with your brand and boost sales.


Photo-booth Share

Fraxtion empowers your customers to take and share a branded photo directly to their social wall. They become brand socialites for you. 



Utilize the promotional check in module to increase your social presence, boost your profits, and encourage your customers to proud patrons.


Capture Consumer Data

Take advantage of Fraxtion by collecting customer contact information via our newsletter module.


Effortless Management

No coding experience? No problem! Fraxtion empowers anyone to create an interactive experience without the hassle of hiring a full-stack developer. Use the portal to quickly modify and customize Fraxtion’s interface in-real time. Allowing you to do more in-store.


Add your Brand in Seconds

Our easy to use back-end interface allows you to style your Fraxtion Kiosk on the fly. Upload logos, custom imagery, and set colors to best reflect your company for optimal brand awareness.

Activate & Deactivate Modules Immediately 

Turn modules on or off on the go. Fraxtion's dynamic structure allows for endless combinations of modules. Build Fraxtion how you want to. You are in control!



Manage Unlimited Builds

Manage all of your builds in one place. Our back-end portal gives you a birds eye view of each of your unique builds. There is no limit to the variations of builds you can create. Only your imagination.